Maha….. Loot…. From YouGov Surveys Paytm earn 7000rs cash Instant

Earn paytm cash instant 3600 from YouGov  By completing some simple surveys 

Hi guys im going to give you a simple way to earn paytm cash 

here are some details about YouGov 

About YouGov 

YouGov is one of the world’s leading full-service market research companies. They analyse all this information and publish selected finding every day. so they collect data from all over the world and store in the database called Yougov cube. They share there data to companies , government and institution use there data to better understand the people that sustain them….

How to earn paytm cash 

So the thing is you fast take the survey 

You just need some point 

after you complete your goal and reach 5000 point 

you can simply redeem from there website to paytm wallet 

Here are the steps

  •  first step is to go to there website and  register yourself and click to start 
  • simply signup with your email and create password 
  • now select get survey weekly in profile section then confirm your email and login there.
  • after you complete your registration  as u see in this pic 
  • take surveys to get enough points once you get 5000 points you will be able to withdraw 
  • at first you receive like 50  to 100 points but once you complete some surveys you will get surveys which pay you more like 1000.

How to Redeem the point from YouGov

If you dont know how to redeem that point then dont worry we are here for you

just follow my steps

  1. go to you dashboard.
  2. go to Menu and then go to reward here is the pic if  you are dumb af
  3. if you have 5000 points click on the redeem point then fill your details


YouGov Refer & Earn 200 Points Each Refer 

They also give you points to refer every time you refer to a friend you will get 200 points

YouGov payment proof




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