Its a generation of socially addicted people and trying to gain more followers, making friends and starting own YouTube channel. The common thing from all these platform is that making video and not every one as skillful to use premium pro or after effect to edit there video and create there content  , so what’s is the solution so this problem you can use a mobile app instead of PC application it may lack many some feature but doesn’t matter if you are not looking for high quality VFX or other special effect

There’s a app called KineMaster which allow people to use edit there videos and share there potential to everyone  

Here’s some of the feature of the app

  • Speed control

Speed control make allow you to speed or slow things in the videos making things more interesting like while making a slow Mo or highlight  things in the videos

  • Multiple Layers

Multiple layers feature allow you to add more then one picture in the frame at the same time

  • Music

Its easy make your videos interesting by adding a music to your videos

  • Frame-by-Frame Trim

Many app doesn’t allow you to trim your videos by frame which kind of sucks make you difficult to cut out some scene you don’t want

  • Effects

By applying effect you can make your videos more alive and great, it give you some default effect which can be use easily

  • Transition Effects

transition effect are more like representing your videos with effect or switching between two videos without any fading out

  • Real-Time Recording

Real time allow you to add any clip during the edit make you edit your videos more fast

Here are some more feature

  1. Audio Filters

  2. Adjustments

  3. Overlays

  4. Social Media sharing

  5. Stickers

  6. Themes


Download link :-  KineMaster Android

  KineMaster  ISO



My opinion on this app is good you can edit your videos but many people don’t want to invest money on these kind of app and without buying the subscription of this app you will find a watermark on your all videos many other app will not add watermark which is great but they are lacking the feature, if you through some bucks on the app go for it it will worth it many people use piracy and I’m against of it what’s your opinion on this app let me know .



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